This shows all the linocuts made. They are listed in date order, the latest work being the first shown.

A portfolio of all my linocuts, you can search for something specific, view just the black prints or look through the archive. Don't forget my book, the library of videos & sketch books the drawing-painting databases and the link to my Gumroad downloads.

Click to go to information about me and links to some of the best printmakers around. A full listing of the exhibitions, books, editorials and publications I have been listed in and a few public collections my work is part of. Click to see the listing. Click to go to this latest linocut. These are the notes I give out at workshops. They describe my process, what I do and suggestions how you may do the same. A page full of links to YouTube videos on processes and drawings. Click to see the listing. A database full of drawings. Click to view the whole listing. A database full of paintings. Click to view the whole listing. Click to open my Gumroad page where you can buy, then download lots of my work in digital form to print yourself. This however isn't a commercial licence to reproduce and the copyright always remains with me.