The Shurrock Family

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This is a listing of Shurrock families (and closely related names) originating from the counties of Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire, many of the oldest records have the spelling Sherrug which may have originally been a phonetic spelling of Sharrock. In order to find many of the "Shurrocks" listed here I searched the following names; Shurrock, Sherock, Sherrock, Shreek, Shunick, Sherrick, Sharrocks, Thurrock, Shurcock, Shwrrack, Shurrick, Sturrock, Shurrug, Shorrocks and Sherris all of which give information on the Shurrock family line.

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Detail Name Parents Grandparents Town of birth First spouse DoB - DoD
202 Thomas & Elford Emily -
Children of Thomas: Anne, Florence(both baptised 1862)
250 John & Wing Susannah Whetstone -
Children of John: Susannah(1727)
251 John & Wing Anne -
Children of John: Susannah(1744), Hannah(1746), Martha(1750), Elizabeth(1756)
275 William & -1706
Children of William:
298 William & Stony Stratford (Map) Mary Mason -
Children of William: