Whittington by W ?hollop?

To the Right Honourable Robert Lord Henley Baron of Grainge in the county of ¶ Southampton Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain.

Humbly Complaining sheweth unto your Lordship your Orator William Shurrock of the Parish of Saint George Hanover Square in the ¶ County of Middlesex Esq That in or about Hilary Term ¶ One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty your Orator exhibited his Bill of Complaint into this ¶ Honourable Court against Catherine Harpur Mary Harpur and Henry Harpur in Order to have such discovery and relief as was thereby prayed and the said Defendants ¶ appeared and put in their Answer and your Orator replied thereto and Issue being joined in the said cause. Witnesses were examined therein and publication ¶ having duly passed the said Cause came on to be heard before the Right Honourable the Master of the Rolls on the sixth day of March last when his Honour ¶ was pleased to direct the Account in the Decree mentioned to be taken before Thomas Bennett Esq one of the Masters of this Honourable Court as by the several ¶ pleadings and Decree relation being thereunto had many more fully and at large appear. And your Orator further sheweth unto your Lordship that some ¶ proceedings have been had before the said Master but before the ¶ said Account could be finally taken towit on or about the _______ day of ______ last the ¶ said Catherine Harpur departed this life having first duly made and published her last Will and Testament and appointed the said Mary Harpur her ¶ Sister Executrix thereof who has proved the same in the proper Ecclesiastical Court and taken upon herself the Execution thereof and thereby Stands in the ¶ Place and represents the said Catherine Harpur in respect to the Demands of your Orator And your Orator is advised that the said Suit proceedings and ¶ Decrees ought to be revived against the said Mary Harpur. To the End therefore that the said Suit proceedings and Decree may stand and be ¶ revived against the said Mary Harpur and be in the same plight and Condition as they were at the time of the Death of the said Catherine Harpur and ¶ that the said Mary Harpur may Answer and set forth whether the said Catherine Harpur did not make her last Will and Testament and the said ¶ Mary Harpur Executrix thereof and whether the said Mary Harpur hath not possessed herself of the said Testatrix's personal Estate and has not proved the ¶ said Will and taken on her the said Executrixship and may either admit assetts of the said Testatrix to have come to her Hands Sufficient to ¶ answer your Orator's said Demands or may set forth a full and true Account of the particulars and values of the personal Estate which the said ¶ Testatrix was possessed of or to which she was intitled at the time of her Deathand what part thereof and to what value hath come into the Hands ¶ power or Custody of the said Mary Harpur or of any and what other person or persons by or with her Delivery privity consent or in Trust and that she ¶ may show cause if she can why the said Suit and proceedings should not stand and be revived against her and that the said Decree may be ¶ performed and carried into Execution. May it please your Lordship to grant unto your Orator his Majesty's most Gracious Writ of Subpana ¶ to revive and answer to be Directed to the said Mary Harpur thereby Commanding her at a certain day and under a certain pain therein to be limitted ¶ personally to be and appear before your Lordship in this Honourable Court then and there true direct distinct and perfect Answers to make to all and Singular the ¶ premisses and further to Stand to and Abide such further Order and Decree in the premisses as to your Lordship shall ¶ seem meet And your Orator shall ever pray etc

Signed Grey Cooper