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This is a listing of Wilson families in and around Wigan, principally it is Wilson families orginating in the Eccleston, Wrightington, Parbold area.

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Children who died in infancy/childhood are marked *.
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Detail Name
6 Jun 1841
30 Mar 1851
7 Apr 1861
2 Apr 1871
3 Apr 1881
5 Apr 1891
31 Mar 1901
2 Apr 1911
1 Peter Rd to Fairhurst Hall (HO107/526/4) Fairhurst Rd, Wrightington (HO107/2198) d1c p19 Lower Lane, Wrightington (RG9/2768) Lower Lane, Wrightington (RG10/3881) Hannah at Chorley Rd, Wrightington (RG11/3758) d10 p5 died 1876 died 1876 died 1876
2 Edward
3 Richard
4 Robert
5 Edward
6 Elin
7 Elizabeth
8 Ellen
9 Ellen
10 Lawrence