The Wilson Family Details

Name Richard Parents names James & Elizabeth (Martland)
Date of Birth 1872 Godparents
Grandparents Mary & Joseph (Orrel)
Town of birth Shevington County Lancashire
First spouse Harriet (Henrietta) Watkin Parents names
When/where born 1871 When married 1894
Where married St Maries, Standish
Second spouse Parents names
When/where born When married
Where married
Date of death 1951 Where died Windsor, Ontario
Child death? Occupation Coal miner
Children James(1893), Gertrude(1895-1899), Annie Gertrude(1899), John(1902), Fred(1906)
Other information Richard is at home his grandfather Richard Martland is living with his mother and children.
Marriage Ref Wigan & Leigh: ROW/81/113 (Lancs BMD)
1910: Richard and his son James emigrated to Canada, arriving in Quebec on board the SS Laurentic on August 27th, heading for Sydney Mines in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The rest of the family followed in 1911. The family were unhappy in Canada and returned to England.
1914: Son James married Jane Brooks in Wigan and their daughter Marion was born in 1915. They had a further child Winifred in 1918.
1923: Richard returned for a final time on the 17th of March aboard SS Ausonia, arriving in Halifax, heading for Windsor, Ontario.
1923: Harriet, Annie Gertrude, John and Fred followed on 22 June on SS Regina.
1924: James' wife Jane and daughters Marion and Winifred, followed on the 15 February, onboard the SS Montclare, but they did not stay in Canada.
1954: Harriet dies in Windsor, Ontario.
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Pre census
1881 Crook Hall Cottages, Shevington (RG11/3758) d7 p16
1891 5 Woodcocks Road, Crooke (RG12/3046) d7 p9
1901 29 Lower Ground, Shevington (RG13/3547) d5 p6
Post census