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This is a listing of Wilson families in and around Wigan, principally it is Wilson families orginating in the Eccleston, Wrightington, Parbold area.
The list of familes the Wilson's married into is long, you can check if one of your family names is connected by "filtering by spouse" below . I have listed all the names found on this site (so far).

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Children who died in infancy/childhood are marked *.

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Name Parents Grandparents First spouse
DoB - DoD
Peter Charles & Ellen (Houghton)* Hannah Stringfellow
Weaver Hand loom
Children of Peter: James(1820), Charles(1822), Ellen(1826), Mary(1828), William(1829), John(1831), Peter(1834), Thomas(1836), Lawrence*(1838), Ann(1841)
Edward & Dorothy Banck
Children of Edward: William(1725), Thomas(1728), Richard (1730/1)
Richard Edward & Dorothy (Banck) Margaret (Peggy) Bullock
Hucster, husbandman
Children of Richard: Edward(1756), Thomas(d 1760), Betty(1762), Margaret/Peggy(1763-69), Dorothy(1765), Richard(1766), William(d 1768), John(d 1771), Ann(1774)
Robert & Alice
Children of Robert:
Edward & Betty
Children of Edward:
Elin & James Rigbie
Children of Elin:
Elizabeth & Thomas Spencer
Children of Elizabeth:
Ellen & John Barry
Children of Ellen:
Ellen Edward & Betty
Children of Ellen:
Lawrence Charles & Ellen (Houghton) Mary Fisher
Coal miner
Children of Lawrence: Charles*(1821), Charles*(1822), Ellen(1823), Margaret(1828), Jane(1831), Mary(1833)