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This is a listing of BMD and PR images for Wilson families in and around Wigan, principally it is Wilson families orginating in the Eccleston, Wrightington, Parbold area.

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Children who died in infancy/childhood are marked *.

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Name Parents
Images Trees
251 Mary William & Elizabeth (Cubbin)
None yet Family Tree
111 Elizabeth James & Jane Eleanor (Parr)
c 1917: Elizabeth and William with their daughters Family Tree
248 Wiliam Charles & Mary Ann (Gaskell)
c 1917: Elizabeth and William with their daughters Family Tree
227 Mary Henry & Margaret (Gibson)
c 1914: St Richard's Walking Day |-| c 1920: Mary, James and daughters |-| c 1937: Mary |-| c 1937: James |-| c 1920: Family Holiday |-| 1940:The Forshaw grave - St. Helens Family Tree
104 Henry John & Elizabeth (Baybut)
Henry Wilson Family Tree
176 Richard James & Elizabeth (Martland)
Family tree
230 Thomas Henry & Margaret (Gibson)
1918: In memoriam silk | - | 1918: WW1 Medals Family Tree
250 Catherine Richard & Ellen (Watkinson)
1917-37: MI Frederick & Catherine, All Saints, Parbold
Family Tree
247 Robert Douglas Thomas & Ellen (Catterall)
1912: Birth certificate
115 Lawrence Robert Walter James & Jane Eleanor (Parr)
1908: In memoriam