This folio shows Eric Gaskell's linocuts. You can view them all, or just the canals, the black prints or search to find something more specific. There are also process videos, drawing books and a database of drawings.

Eric's studio is always open, to visit and see all his work, talk about art and maybe buy an original please email Eric.

Eric has two databases of research into his family history, the This link takes you to the database of the Wilson Family. In particular the Wilson family from Wrightington, Lancashire. Wilson's and the This link takes you to the database of the Shurrock Family. In particular the Shurrock family that originates in Buckinghamshire in the early 1700s.Shurrock's which he has often used in his art, search "genealogy", also the book "A Long Journey" by Joseph Melling.

Click to go to information about Eric and links to some of the best printmakers around. A full listing of the exhibitions, books, editorials and publications Eric has been listed in and a few public collections his work is part of. Click to see the listing. Click to go to this latest linocut. These are the notes Eric gives out at workshops. They describe his process, what he does and suggestions how you may do the same. A page full of links to YouTube videos on processes and drawings. Click to see the listing. "... this book offers a charmingly different view of our waterways in the 21st century"
Waterways World 2009
A database full of drawings. Click to go that page. A database full of paintings. Click to go that page.