I have been painting and exhibiting since 1980 and believe good draftsmanship is a prerequisite of good art and I always have a drawing book in use, drawing from life and experience. Generally the “life” helps to realise form and structure, while the “experience” lets me move ideas forward.

My work is about the process of making a picture. I let the works swap ideas each picture influencing the next. When an idea, a mark, or a colour works on one, I use it on others. I work on board (mdf) were I like to feel the resistance of the surface and I use acrylics which lets me reform the painting, block out areas and change colour balances fast, but I also use canvas and oil, when the picture lets me. I am interested in letting the picture develop from within itself. Allowing shape and colour, texture and mark to suggest the next, letting the image dictate and change the form. The lino cut has become an important part of my work, where the graphic and immediate mark-making suit the way I think. So far.