Below are a series of videos of my drawing books which are dated by the month of completion and albums of drawings. Most are on YouTube, some are not. I have lots more still to come. Also videos of the process I go through to create my linocuts.

I also write quite a lot about drawing, painting and printmaking. Here is a link to one from a Drawing & Painting Class and one on colour.

Click to go to information about me and links to some of the best printmakers around. A full listing of the exhibitions, books, editorials and publications I have been listed in and a few public collections my work is part of. Click to see the listing. Click to go to this latest linocut. These are the notes I give out at workshops. They describe my process, what I do and suggestions how you may do the same. A database full of drawings. Click to view the whole listing. A database full of paintings. Click to view the whole listing.