Below are a series of videos of my drawing books which are dated by the month of completion and albums of drawings. Most are on YouTube, some are not. I have lots more still to come. Also videos of the process I go through to create my linocuts.

I also write quite a lot about drawing, painting and printmaking. Here is a link to one from a Drawing & Painting Class and one on colour.

Drawing Books

Book 1 Drawings from Art College 1st year.

Nov 1978
Book 3 Drawings from Art College 1st & 2nd years.

May 1979
Book 4 Drawings from Art College 2nd year.

Book 11a An ecletic mix of ideas and in situ drawings.

Oct 2001
Book 19 Drawings of figures, still-lifes, churches.

Aug 2002 Book 26Drawings of figures, still-lifes and buildings.

May 2005 Book 58Drawings of Rugby, trees figure and still lifes studies.

Dec 2005 Book 64Mainly drawings of still lifes and figures.

May 2006 Book 67Drawings from Norway, Rugby, figures and Still Life.

Aug 2006 Book 69Drawings from Rugby a few other places and still lifes.

June 2007 Book 73Mostly drawings and ideas on genealogy.

July 2007 Book 74Drawings from Cornwall, Rugby and Genealogy work.

May 2008 Book 77Drawings of figures, canals, Rugby and Genealogy work.

Aug 2009 Book 85Drawings of figures, Scotland, trees and clouds.

Oct 2009 Book 86Mainly drawings of trees.

May 2011 Book 99 Drawings of Yorkshire, Cornwall, still life and print work.

June 2013 Book 110 Drawings of Cawsand and Kingsand and others.

April 2014 Book 112Drawings of canals and Cornwall.

Aug 2014 Book 116Drawings of Cornwall, canals and Penarth.

Aug 2015 Book 121Principally drawings of Rugby School.

Sept 2015 Book 123Drawings of Ebley Mill and Cornwall.

July 2016 Book 128Drawings of jugs, print ideas and Cornwall.

July 2017 Book 131Drawings of Scotland, canals, people ideas and print ideas.

Sept 2018 Book 141Generally drawings of Cornwall, in particular Fowey.

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