The Shurrock Family

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This database contains a listing of Shurrock families (and closely related names such as Sherrock, Sharrock, Sherrug) that originated in the counties of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. Many of the oldest records have the spelling Sherrug which may have originally been a phonetic spelling of Sharrock. In order to find many of the "Shurrocks" listed here I searched the following names; Shurrock, Sherock, Sherrock, Shreek, Shunick, Sherrick, Sharrocks, Thurrock, Shurcock, Shwrrack, Shurrick, Sturrock, Shurrug and Sherris all of which give information on the Shurrock family line.

Please use the menu below to go to pages that will let you search for “your Shurrock”. There are birth, marriage and death records and photographs of Shurrock families as well as transcripts, family trees and links to other sites. I have also add a link to "A Shurrock History". To get back to this page at any time click “Shurrock” in the title.

Although there are earlier Shurrock's in the database the person who appears to have been the ancestor to the majority of Shurrock's now alive was Edward born about 1725. (There are of course exceptions, the Scottish Shurrocks and the many American Shurrock's that are descended from Polish immigrants who changed their names.) He, his wife Catherine and their children lived in the hamlet of Easington, Buckinghamshire. Edward's children moved from Easington, Thomas founding the Oxford Shurrock line, while Robert continued the Buckinghamshire family. Their grandchildren moved across the world to New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the USA.

A number of Shurrock families in the late 19th and early 20th century for reasons of their own, or a mistake in spelling, changed their names to Sherrock - so beware your Sherrock may be a Shurrock.

The list of familes the Shurrock's married into is long, you can check if one of your family names is connected by going to the "Search by spouse" page.

The information in this database has been gleaned from many sources; IGI, Ancestry, The Genealogist, Bucks, Oxon, Lancs, Cheshire and other FHS and Parish Registers, TNA and numerous genealogy websites. I would like to thank all these and all the indiviudal Shurrock researchers for helping to make the site.

If you have any information that can be added to the database, photographs, BMD's, memories that would help to further the tree and make it more accurate please do email me.

Thanks for taking the time to look at the Shurrock Family Tree.

Eric Gaskell